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From Israel!

   Hello from a hostel in the middle of nowhere by the Dead Sea in Israel (Masada). If you were following along with my itinerary closely, like you should be unless you don't care and are a bad person ;) you would know we went to Jerusalem today to see the holiest sights. You may also have noticed the headline today of "Israeli police storm Jerusalem's holiest sites" and would be wracked with worry (about what I had done to warrant this).

   Well we didn't actually get to that site in our whistle stop Jerusalem tour, but we did see lots of (hot female) riot police, and a dead guy, but I'll get to that.

   Arriving in Israel, I was immediately plucked from the line of people disembarking the airplane by a gorgeous young lady with a badge and a gun and interrogated until my friend Aaron came along and convinced her in hebrew that I wasn't a terrorist. I think she just wanted to talk to me ;)

   It was already evening by the time we got out so we just explored Tel Aviv a bit. We're staying with some of Aaron's relatives on the outskirts.
   Out at the bars Mark approached a table with a group of three cute girls, when asked what they did they all responded "we're soldiers!" Ah Israel. The cutest one was a tank instructor. Totally hot. (:

   Up the coast, ancient city of Caeserea, Acre, and Lebanon border. Gorgeous girls still overwhelmingly plentiful, often with submachineguns. We even saw one with an identical twin as well. Does it get any better than that???

   Lightning tour of Jerusalem. ): Too short, definitely need to return.

   Took taxi up to Masada here by the red sea. Barely swerved around what looked to be roadkill on the road but was actually a person. Very dead. Rude.

   Floating in the dead sea: awesome!!

   And now I gotta run cause internet extremely limited.
Tags: epic trip 2009, israel, travel, travelogues
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