Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.


   Got Megabus ( tickets from NYC to Philadelphia for $10.50. By far the best deal to be found after a thorough investigation. Local commuter trains would have been $20 and half an hour LONGER, and amtrak would have been $45.
   Was concerned that the bus would be gross and dirty and/or unreliable but was pleased to see a very dapper looking shiny double decker bus pull in right on time. Definitely was pleased with it and would recommend megabus to get between any of the cities they service (mostly only the NE it looks like).

   Arriving in Philadelphia it was announced that the bus was stopping at one of two stops there. Garian said to meet her at the Independance Hall stop so I jump out and ask the driver (who's unloading people's luggage) if this is that stop. I don't know what language he spoke back to me but it was the most incomprehensible thing I've ever heard. I ask again if this is the Independance Hall stop and again he answers with what I'm not even sure IS a language. Not even a hint by intonation or body language if it was affirmative or negative or if he even understood the question. As he's walking back to the cab I hear him actually announce "independance hall!" to other passengers. "Hey! This is my stop! I need my luggage!" I say to him because he's closed the baggage compartment. He looks at me with a mighty eyeroll and comes back to give me my bag.

   A little later Garian is showing me the sights. We go into the Liberty Bell monument and I see they're going through bags. I have my bag with ALL my stuff in it on my back so I ask him if I can just leave it at the front. He gruffly says "no!" and reaches for it. I think well okay maybe he'll just peak inside. Nope! He pulls EVERYTHING out. There in the entryway of the Liberty Bell building he makes a pile on the table of all my shirts, dirty socks, pairs of boxers, everything. I could probably sue him for violation of privacy or something actually if I were the litigious type. He pull out the bottle of Raki (an anis liquor) I got in Istanbul with a great "AHA!" and "security, security!" into his walkie talkie.
   While we wait for security he tells me I may pack everything back into the bag myself. "Thanks!" I say as if he is just TOO kind.
   Finally a police officer shows up and takes me aside. Once we are out of sight from the over-zealous door security he hands me back the raki apologetically and tells me to have a nice day.

   Other than that Philadelphia has been nice and I really like the neighbourhood Garian and her husband live in (Mt Airy). They've been delightully hospitable and I wish I had more time for the details but I should get going right.

   I'm taking Megabus back up to NYC today, where I'll once again be for the weekend. Then I have to find a way to get to Laguardia Airport and then, the hardest part, somehow get from LAX down to my parents house in southern Orange County about two hours drive away. My dear friend Alex offered to pick me up from LAX, but I'd still have to get from her place in Long Beach the rest of the way. Hmm /:

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