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Mark's picture of the inside of the "Basilica Cistern" next to the Hagia Sophia
(damn, wikipedia has a sweet picture of it)

   Mark has all his pictures up on picasa now. I don't know if you can see it but he also uploaded some to facebook, which might be easier to digest since he's pared it down to just his favourites. Of particular note he bought an underwater disposable camera and has some pictures from underwater in the reefs (these pics seem to only be on facebook though so hopefully you can see that).

   Also, being a saucy fellow, he got some pictures of the Israeli solder girls:

   Also amalie has unlocked her travel entries so if you want to read about the adventures in far more detail than I described them, check out her lj. And once again, she also has a lot of pictures up on her picasa, such as this one of Mark getting pwned by me at chess:


   So what's up with this picasa thing anyway? How does it compare/contrast with flickr?

Tags: epic middle east trip
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