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One Touch Bonus Entry

   I still don't know what I'm going to write for this week's LJ Idol topic (it is "One Touch" -- is he TRYING to make us write sappy "touching" entries now?), but here's a sort of bonus item on the topic.

   It is a song, not written or performed by myself, but it's about the boat I'm currently on (the current one, not the original this one is a replica of), and the time it received "one touch" from a railway bridge. I don't know the actual name of the song but its by some fellow named William Pine (and its a true story).

William Pine - Lady Washington and the Railway Bridge

In other news
   Today I'm up on deck helping re-rig our new spritzel yard (recall the old one got smashed on the devil dock) when suddenly there's a clamour from the main hold and someone emerges "Kris, KRIS! We need you down here!!"
   Being as I'm hardly the expert on anything onboard the ship I'm a bit confused as to why I personally am needed urgently down in the old. I'm ushered down to our refridgerator, where I find they have found a big fat Vespula germanica crawling about. A wasp in the refridgerator! Probably because it was the warmest place on the boat ;)
   I of course gently put my finger in front of her and she climbs aboard. We decide to name her Kendrick after one of the original captains of the Lady Washington (who was known for his stinging temper). Fifteen minutes of later I'm sitting down to lunch, with her still on my hand, when she finally feels warm enough to take flight and flutter out the open hatch.

Picture of the Day

Daisy reattaching rigging to the new sprits'l yard
Note that she's holding on with two hands and holding a rope in her mouth. She's hard core like that.
Tags: lady washington
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