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[s]Green[/s] Red Room Holiday Party!

   It's that time of year again, time for the Emo-snal Green Room Holiday Party Emo-snal Red Room Holiday Party! You see, Idolists will be familiar with the LJ Idol "Green Room" (apparently named in reference to something on some obscure television show), wherein people just sort of hang out and comment to one another idly and eat fictional cookies.
   Well this entry is Like That. Just hang out and comment to one another and enjoy the fictional cookies (gingerbread, in all kinds of strange shapes!). But it also is apparently nothing at all Like That, because as we learned last year the LJI green room is a sacred and holy place and taking its name in vain will result in a dramapocalypse. Well I don't agree that it's better to throw no party at all, but let's be clear, this is a "wildly unofficial totally unendorsed nothing-to-do-with-lj-idol greenroom-like Holiday Party," just like last year.

There will of course be glögg, and also hot apple cider. gratefuladdict is in charge of warm apple pies and whirled is in charge of strategic placement of mistletoe. And there will once again be a rousing game of "pin the wreath on clauderainsrm"

Feel free to bring your own cookies and/or other holiday accessories!

Edit: nyyhoneybee has taken charge of the whipped cream, uhoh!

Edit 2: Cookies from cookie_chef!
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