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Party Options!

   So it was looking like I had no other NYE option than my friend Mark's party in Long Beach. The thing with Mark's parties, is that from past experience they're usually pretty small, and because most of his friends are his frat brothers, total sausagefests. I don't care if all the girls have boyfriends, it just feels unnatural and weird to be in a party that's all dudes.

   Today, however, the Lady Washington's sister ship* came in at nearby Newport Beach. So of course I scampered over there. "You look like a volunteer!!" they hailed me as I walked down the dock. ... and long story short they invited me to a party where all the local tallship crews are meeting up on a tallship in Long Beach. Sounds much more fun than Mark's party, and is close enough that I could probably make an appearance at both!

   It's a costume party, theme of "things that start with P, but not pirates." Got a lot of ideas that need just one or two props.. which I don't have. Like Poseidon.. just need a fake beard and trident (which I don't have!) and a sheet to make a toga out of. Politician, all I need is a red white and blue tie and maybe a lot of flag pins and/or a vote for me sign. ...Pope! Time to make a pope hat out of newspaper! :D

* Well sister ship in the sense they often sail together and are owned by the same organization. They are not actually the same design.

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