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Hourly Comic Day!

   The talented and excellent teaberryblue has brought it to my attention that today is "Hourly Comic Day!!" One is simply to doodle a little comic or so every hour, preferably about something relating to the past hour. Notwithstanding I only discovered this after 1pm, I figure I'll jump right in for the rest of the day.

   As to the above cartoon, I just drew it, but obviously it relates to a number of hours ago, whatever, don't hate! Unfortunately I left the L off "Dave Doppler," I hope I conveyed the little story adequately: everyone suddenly jumps to work the moment Dave the Giant Stick Figure shows up to work. I'm assuming the giant steaming wax melter is probably mystifying to most -- I'll clarify it in an upcoming hour.

   So as not to spam my friends list I think I'll edit future hourly installments into this entry, so check back here! Tomorrow morning maybe I'll post them all at once again, since I have no faith in anyone caring enough to check back here ;)

Transcript for the visually impaired / eyeless / aliens-who-see-in-an-entirely-different-range-of-colour / people who can't figure out what the hell I was trying to draw
(1) Stick figure wakes up with exclamation point over head, clock reads 6:55
(2) At 7:10 stick figure enters "The Bee Cave!" with mug o coffee in hand, three stick figures are relaxing in chairs. Cave features stalactites and stalagmites.
(3) Picture of the "DAVE DOPPLER," which looks kind of like a radar display. At the bottom it reads "ETA: 7:30"
(4) 7:30 - Big stick figure enters cave with mug o coffee in hand, three stick figures are busy looking busy next to the giant steaming wax melter

Installment II

This time I coaxed the old scanner into working for me ... I think I liked the results of using the camera better!

Transcript of Installment II: stick figures are shown tossing honeycomb into a giant boiling cauldron labled "Mt Doom," out of a pipe coming out of it drips giant drops of wax into candle molds. Another stick figure is bringing more wood for the fire. It's a pretty shitty picture really, you're not missing much

Installment III

   Back to the camera

Transcript of Installment III:
8:00 - three stick figures working while big boss stick figure rambles, cup of steaming coffee in hand
8:15 - two stick figures working, one sitting listening to boss ramble
8:30 - two stick figures listening to boss, one working, trail of steam on coffee getting progressively shorter
8:45 - three stick figures sitting listening to boss "ramble ramble ra--"
Angry boss stick figure yelling "GET BACK TO WORK"
8:50 - three stick figures busily working boss slowly starts to ramble again, sipping coffee.

Installment IV

   Okay this isn't the best. He's supposed to be pacing in panel 3 d:

9:00 - Boss looks at watch and asks "Where is Amy [the office girl]?"
9:10 - Boss leaning back in chair, musical notes and "[whistling annoying 'tune']"
9:20 - Boss is pacing back and forth with "!@#!" above his head. In retrospect there should be a dollar sign in there too shouldn't there.
9:30 - Boss says "I'm so going to fire that girl she's useless!"
9:40 - Boss is on his nears weeping by the computer, which has a frowny face on it, saying "Where's Ammyyyy?! I don't know how to runnn anything w/out her!" Amy is seen just barely entering from off the panel

Installment V

   Penned over the pencil lines now!

(1) "Bee Phone" rings
(2) Silhouetted figure with coffee cup in one hand answers phone - "Hello?"
(3) While alarms go "BLORT BLORT!!" and something people probably can't tell is supposed to be a flashing alarm light flashes, a stick figure runs for a fire pole and another one slides down it.
(4) Directly under the above panel, the firepole deposits a stick figure right on top of a giant bee
(5) stick figure is seen riding giant bee while below the city covers the ground ... but the "bee cave" actually looks like a giant skep style beehive!

Installment VI

   Getting more compex now. Can you spot the still? Also I couldn't resist having another outside shot of the bee cave.

(1) "11:00 Amy & I are working..." -- we're shown working at computers with a door behind us
(2) a stick figure I'm hoping the reader will naturally assume is Dave flings the door open and has a lightbulb above his head.
(3) "I've got an idea! Let's re-arrange the office!!" is spoken from off the panel while the top half of my head has an exclamation point above it and wide eyes.
(4) Purposefully complicated looking map of things being rearranged. In retrospect I wish I'd inserted some kind of tetris joke here.
(5) Rearranged floorplan with Dave saying "Ah, much better. Well, I'm going home"
(6) Original view of door, but now things are rearranged and there's a shrub where Amy had been sitting. Amy says "he's gone, we can finally get work done!!"
(7) Me, stuck behind boxes -- "Yes, but now I'M off!" There is a goat randomly in the foreground.
(8) Another shot of a giant skep in front of a city, with a swirly dotted line indicating I have flown off.

Installment VII

   The natural progression of these comics getting more and more complex!
   For a more textual explanation of distilling, see my lj idol entry on "resolute" from last year.
   For two stories about almost getting blown up by the still see here.

Transcript: "Title: Things We Have At Work"
Fig A - Wax Melter (with detailed labels)
Fig B - Still (with detailed labels)
Fig C - "No Coffee Maker (we found it too complex)"

Installment VIII

   This actually takes place FIRST, it is last night, but it's more fitting for an end anyway. Internet problems continued to plague Kris-Ange communication all day today ):
   I'm not sure how clear this one is. See the transcript if confused.

(1) A tower with a snail flag on top, and one window. The moon shines nearby
(2) 1:30 - I sit at my desk on my laptop, wearing a really badly drawn night cap. The window from the previous panel is on the wall in the background
(3) I'm in bed, my clock says 1:35, and my cell phone is making a "♫$¢!" noise, and I'm looking at it with one eye
(4) holding my cell phone as one would if reading it and it has an exclamation point above it
(5-6) empty bed, with arrow straight from there to the next panel, me sitting behind my laptop (which has gears and a steam vent) with "<3" above my head
(7) Internet pipe (labeled) with clog in it (labeled)
(8) picture of me at the laptop with "<\3" over my head
(9) my slumbering with a dream bubble with Ange in it. Mushy I know. For the record I tried to put a possum in there first but it didn't look right.

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