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Dave & Terry

   So as you may have gathered, my boss (Dave) is kind of crazy.

   This guy named Terry* used to work for Dave several years ago. Eventually he and Dave had a falling out, as is relatively likely to happen to people who are around Dave for any period of time. This left them on extremely bad terms and they didn't talk for many years after that.

   A few weeks ago Terry apparently lost his job. In this troubled economy he couldn't find another one and quickly burned through his meagre savings.
   Finally he was desperate and called the one person he knew would help him. He called Dave, whom he had not talked to once sent the fight. He was hoping Dave might have some kind of employment for him, but when he mentioned he'd barely been able to afford to eat lately, Dave invited him over for dinner immediately.

   Despite our company not exactly being flush with cash, after several bad bee years, we've had Terry helping out around the bee cave several days a week lately.

   So lest you picture Dave as merely a psychotic ogre, consider things like this, and think of him as a more complex ogre character.

   And here's an old picture of him from years ago, looking particularly personable!

* Names never changed here at Emo-Snal because we don't believe in that crap!

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