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Random Fact of the Day: Horsepower

Random Fact of the Day (which I'd post to the useless_facts community but those filthy bastards closed membership)

   Typical sustainable horsepower of animal in good condition:
Draft horse: .680
Camel: .884
Buffalo: .707
Ox: .612
Mule: .544
Donkey: .272
Man: .100

   For a couple seconds a horse can reach 14.9 horsepower.*

   A healthy person can produce 1.2 HP briefly, and .1 for sustained periods. An athlete can do 2.5 briefly and .3 for several hours.

Source: FAO list of animal outputs by watt, divided by metric definition of horsepower (rounded to 735 W)

   But Europe apparently hates horsepower, and "The use of horsepower in the EU is banned since the implementation of the EU Directive 80/181/EEC on January 1st, 2010." -Wiki.

   I wonder what the horsepower of a bee is.

   And I suppose I could do some math pertaining to the speed and weight of the boat and figure out the horsepower of wind absorbtion by sails on a tallship hmmmm O_o


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