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LJ Idol - The Quest For a Drink

See Transcript, Intro


See Transcript, Page 1

We have no coffee machine you see

So we decided to create one!

See Transcript, Page 2

special bonus features: my attempt at a more realistic face; and Dave's spelling

See Transcript, Page 3

See Transcript, Page 3

See Transcript, Page 3

See Transcript, Page 3

See Transcript, Page 3

What will the super cocktail do?!? Tune in to teaberryblue for the exciting conclusion!!!


Intro: An establishing shot of the "bee cave" -- a giant skep style hive (ie the traditional woven round one) in the middle of a vast suburban sprawl of houses, with skyscrapers in the background.

Page 1: (1) One morning in the bee cave (complete with stalactites and stalagmites), the big stick figure signifying my boss (Dave) peers into an empty coffee mug and says "hmmm we need more coffee." Other stick figures are slumped over sluggishly.
   The next series of frames show a stick figure (2) crossing a road and river that look like the old arcade game "Frogger"; (3) swinging across a chasm by a rope, with an alligator snapping at legs; (4) in "Crazy Eddie's Coffee" (where we really get our coffee), crazy Eddie is saying "First you must answer these riddles three;" (5) parody of the famous Indiana Jones running away from a giant boulder scene, but with cup of coffee in hand; (6) Handing Dave the coffee saying "we need a better way to get a decent cup of coffee" -- through the doorway a starbucks can be seen, implying we COULD have just gone there but it's not decent coffee.

Page 2: Stick figure announces "we have managed to make coffee!" behind him the gears and steam from a giant machine can be seen. Dave comes out of a doorway marked "Sekrit Room." Someone remarks on Dave's spelling.

Page 3: The giant machine. I looked at oil refineries and St Basil's Cathedral for inspiration, hence it has a lot of spire like objects protruding upward. Also includes a weathervane and a toaster. A cauldron over a fire has a pipe from it into the machine that looks kind of like a straw, and there is also a little umbrella sticking out. In the lower right corner a pipe comes out of the machine into a coil that's supposed to be a centrifuge, and then into a series of glass flasks and beakers and finally a coffee mug.

Page 4: Dave pulls a lever, there is a giant cloud and ZORT noise, the weathervane can be seen spinning, and with a POP teaberryblue appears in my place, in the style of her own comics

Page 5: Similarly I find myself transported suddenly to a scene from her comics. I am surrounded by anthropomorphic food. I run screaming.
   The food catches up to me and says "You cook with us!" I am seen thinking back to a time I had to call furzicle to ask what it means to "simmer" something -- I then run away screaming again.

Page 6: I run into a bunch of anthropomorphic bottles and put my hands up. Then I realize it's liquor, with a devilish grin. I pour all of them into a cocktail glass ... and suddenly it becomes one giant magical anthropomorphic cocktail ... with a rather psychotic looking grin.

Page 7: I explain my story to the magic cocktail, and it exclaims "TL;DR, LOL!!!"
   I ask it if it can use its magic powers to help me and it says "I'll go see!!" leaving me saying "Wait, what?!" Figures a magic cocktail would act like a drunkass.

TO BE CONTINUED! SEE teaberryblue's entry!

Tags: bee busters, comics, drawings
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