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Daily Quotes and Such

   So remember Aberdeen (Washington)? Well my erstwhile boat and captain are still there, as the boat goes through major overhauls.

From Facebag, my captain's status and some comments that particularly highlight Aberdeen:
Jeremiah Gempler filled out another police report today. If you say Aberdeen is boring..... well... you've never been to Aberdeen.
Someone A: Did the guy living under the half-a-fiberglass boat go ballistic and start whacking the fishermen with a stick or something?
Someone B: Things to do in Aberdeen:
1) Visit the Lady Washington!
2) Fill out police reports?

Someone C: 3) The official pastime: tweakerspotting
Someone D: is that guy under the stairs still live there with his 3 viscious dogs?
Someone E: Aberdeen is such an interesting place
i_id: You know we need details here.
Jeremiah: two weeks ago I witnessed a dramaticaly slothy bar fight and had to fill out a report and today I chased down a shoplifter out of home depot with my car and help pin him down w/ an off duty cop while talking to dispatch w/ my bluetooth times... nothing makes your monday better than ruining someone eleses.

   So yeah, that's Aberdeen. (okay, so, link added :D )

Meanwhile, todays quotes from the bee cave!
Dave: We have a documentary film crew here tomorrow so... can we try to get the toilet paper on the fucking roller???
Bob: Um, I dunno, that's pretty complicated...
Later we realize there is NOT, in fact, a roller for the TP in the bathroom. (which actually moves the issue from the category of "simple things we can't handle" to "some kind of harebrained project, so of course we'll do it!" and Ryan set about installing one.

Amy (Office Manager): So Dave said we should split these tomatoes he brought from his garden, [and with a look of excitement] do you know how to make [something cooking related]
Me: I don't know shit about cooking tomatoes!
Amy: Do you... like tomatoes?
Me: [cheerfully] No I fucking hate tomatoes!
Amy: So... why are you taking half?
Me: To spite you! :D
[awkward silence]

Me: Just kidding! My parents like tomatoes!

   So I've been using to listen to music. After about 40 hours a month it cuts you off and says you need to either pay $36 for year long access or 99 cents a month. Why would I pay $3 a month when I can pay 0.99 month?? There's some really silly special benefits like oooh customize the background. Am I missing something?

Tags: aberdeen, bee busters, being a jackass
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