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Beekeeping Contraptions

   So at work this morning. Ryan is sawing / hammering / other loud mechanical noises some contraption together. Apparently a prototype new "bee vacuum." Dave (boss) and Bob are talking excitedly about their shared interest in potted plants and where to get the best equipment for such, and I'm working on the computer. Suddenly Dave turns to me:
   "Hey Kris where's your integrated bee management definition??"
   "Um.. on this computer, why?"
   "I want it to have bee in it"
   "uhh... what??"
   "I B M, I want it to be I B E E M. What's it say currently?"
   "Uh, 'integrated bee management'"
[turns to Jeremy] have you seen our definition of integrated bee managment?"
   "You're not just an exterminator you know..."

   In other news, I bring you... a time travelling beehive!

It's actually apparenty a real hive someone designed for god knows what reason. It's titled "the Neighbours Improved Cottage Hive," leading me to wildly assume whomever published the picture of it threw it in as "and here's the crazy contraption my jackass neighbour designed ... it keeps breaking the space time continuum ... jackass."

(from this blog of pages and pages of different styles of beehives)

The seemingly endless variety of beehive designs reminds me of an age-old adage, frequently quoted today and also found quoted in literature written as many as 150 years ago -- "Ask any five beekeepers a question and you will get six answers"
Tags: bee busters, beekeeping, david marder
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