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LJI Decathlon!

   Good morning LJ Idol, and welcome to another episode of Meta-BBQ on the Fourth Wall Patio (sponsored by Acme Paperclip Co).

   It's nice to see you are all commenting that you and your partners are just finishing up and posting your entries. Especially since I STILL DON'T HAVE A PARTNER. I hope you all have horribly awkward slow speed pedestrian collisions caused by you and a stranger botht trying to pass eachother on the same side of a hallway!!!

   I kid I kid, I would never wish that on anyone some of you.

   I've had a lovely day so far. Called Australia around 5am my time to get her just past midnight Valentine's day there, and then this afternoon while I was out on the bowsprit of the Pilgrim furling the foresail I got a text from Belgium (well via twitter) advising me of a potential LJI partner.
   And incidentally then I went up to the top of the mast and stood on the royals yardarm (90 ft up or so) without holding on to anything, which I probably wouldn't have done if I'd known that my harness wasn't properly rigged on right at the time. Oops. (:

   But on with your weekly dose of meta:

   In the spirit of the olympics, I am declaring an LJ Idol Decathlon!! This is of course not an "official" element of the game and is not sponsored by Gary or otherwise to be confused with the sanctity of official business, but it WAS cleared with him so you can be relatively confident participating won't get you burned at the stake for blasphemy.

   The idea is this. I'm a big fan trying to submit a wide variety of different entries, and want to encourage everyone else to try out different things as well. So it's a decatholon of different techniques!
   What I mean by this is, in order to complete the decathalon, one is to have at least one (and no extra points for more than one) entry in ten of the following categories. A single entry can count in multiple, and any official LJI entry previous to or after this is valid for consideration. The categories:

1. Non-fiction
2. Fiction
3. Serious
4. Humorous
5. Narrative
6. Essay
7. Verse
8. Prose
9. creepy - I'm talking twilight zone creepy
10. sci fi
11. drawn (2)
12. phone post (2)
13. vlog (3)
15. Script (Screenplay / play / etc)
16. Historical Fiction

Edited-to-add: when going through past entries to see what qualifies, please keep in mind the purpose of this: to encourage you to write entries that may be significantly different from your existing entries. You may have an entry that is a little bit funny, but is it, you know, "a humorous entry?" You know what I'm talking about, those ones with something hilarious (or at least attempting to be) every few lines, humour running throughout -- a humorous entry. And the same goes for other categories. If you haven't done one that clearly would be identified as "a ______ entry," count it as something you still need to do!

   The categories with a 2 or 3 count as 2 or 3 categories, respectively, because it takes a lot more effort to draw and edit something together. And phone posts, I don't know about you but I find it strangely difficult to get a phone post to sound like a well composed entry. And video, I don't have the faintest idea how to edit together and/or they're always a monster to upload and host somewhere so good luck with that.
   If you can think of a category I forgot I'll take suggestions for additional categories. No there will not be a slash fic category.

   I really hope some of you are up for this extra challenge, I know I can never resist an extra challenge personally. There will be no one winner so much as I'll make a list of those who successfully qualify as idol decathletes, and those who make the list can, you know, bask in the glory.

   To officially* participate in the Decathlon, please comment to the comment, noting which of your entries fulfill which categories.

(*officially only under the authority of the Echidna Media Organization)

The LJI Luge has been cancelled.

Next season we'll have LJI Rhythmic Dance

Tags: lj idol meta
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