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Team Spirit

This Morning
   Jeremy and the lads discover Dave has a dissecting microscope here and entertain themselves dissecting dead queen cells. It was a comically scientific looking scene as the lads carefully sliced open the peanut-like queen cell and examined the queen larvae carefully.

Around 11:00
   "Alright, let's make a decision here" say Jeremy.
   We all happen to already be standing in more or less a circle in the beecave warehouse/garage (Jeremy, Ryan, Bob & myself), we form a circle and Get Serious.
   "Where are we getting food? I didn't like the papa john's yesterday, what did you think Kris?" Jeremy asks me as if it's my turn to make a report at a board meeting.
   "I thought it was fine, but then again I'm not a pizza connoisseur like yourself" (Jeremy used to manage a Papa Johns, before he joined the bee cave.
   "That's not a very positive review, hmm. I wish Heart Attack was closer"
   It takes me a moment to figure out what "Heart Attack" refers to, but then I correctly guess it's Pedros Tacos down by the mission. Bob and Jeremy both hold their stomach and make a pained expression just thinking about it, and Bob comments "those quesedillos, they'll change your life!"
   Some more ideas are put forward and bounced around in a business-like manner.
   "Well what about Orange Kitten?" says Bob, referring to the local chinese place by the probably reprehensibly-un-PC nickname we've come to know it by, a reference to a presumed mispronunciation of "Orange Chicken" with a bad chinese accent. I actually once asked for Orange Kitten there and the (hispanic) employees looked at me like I had antlers.
   "Hm what?" Jeremy was distracted for a moment.
   "We're thinking fried cat, what do you think?"
   "Hmmmmmmmm I dunno, what do you think?
" turns to me
   "I like Orange Kitten I've only ever had one bad experience there"
   Everyone seems on board with the cat.

   The lads then turn to talking about their latest high scores on one of those online flash games. Apparently, they're fighting over which of them has the world high score these days.

   We happen to all be out getting into our respective vehicles at almost the same time shortly after. As Jeremy pulls by me he says excitedly out his window "hey, we got the Taliban's number two!!"
   "Go team!" I say, and I'm about to add, but he says it word for word as I was about to:
   "We're gonna waterboard the shit out of him!!!"

   Also earlier today Amy the office manager joked with Dave that we can manage to operate several fairly complicated devices in here but not a coffee maker (I'd showed her that cartoon). Dave proceeded to in complete seriousness extol to her the several ways that coffee making is too complicated for us.
   A company credit card has been dedicated to the morning coffee run to Crazy Eddie's. Amy gave it to me with explicit instructions not to let it fall into Dave's hands (or else he'll overspend on it).

Project of the Moments - Biological Control
   My project of the moment is to investigate biological control methods for the ants that are currently overrunning our bee yards. Step (A), identify: It is a yellow and black arboreal ant, and I think a species of the Formica genus. Still trying to nail it down. In the end it might not matter what species but it's something to do eh?
   Step (2) find some kind of insect or animal that eats ants but not bees. Presumably one that is (2A) economical to acquire in mass and introduce to the bee yards; and (2B) native to the area, because I am not a fan of introducing invasive species in places. I know lizards and spiders eat ants but I'm not sure if lizards don't eat bees (and if it's economical to get enough of them to control the ant problem). Read that black widows do but ughhh I hate black widows and they def love to eat bees.
   But yeah the advantages of figuring out a biological control would be obvious. All chemical insecticides that impact ants also impact bees, as they are very closely related. A biological control that happens not to eat bees would have a much more focused impact. And it would even be "organic!" :D

Tags: bee busters
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