Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.


   So admittedly I haven't really been following the winter olympics at all. Luge looks pretty fun, when it isn't lethal. And ski jump, man those kids are crazy! And then there's this curling thing, which they're always going on about when I flip through radio stations. Ostensibly it's just so god damn boring and unathletic that they can't believe it, but they sure do love to talk about it!
   personally I think it looks like they're all getting more exercise than is involved in an average baseball game but hey.

   And since I use yahoo for email, despite the fact that they keep trying to make the interface crappier and crappier, I get to see the crap they regard as headline news every day. Usually it is utter crap and I adblock the related image just because I'm offended they think it's news.
   One of the stories they cycled through today, however, had this image:

Suddenly I'm a lot more interested in curling!!

Okay well not enough to actually learn how to operate a television but my point is that Curlist Madeleine Dupont is one fine specimen! And is that teammate her twin sister?? This sport is automatically awesome!

   Which brings us to the longstanding olympic tradition of trying to identify the most attractive olympian ... and then going on about how attractive she is much to the annoyance of whichever girl I'm involved with at the time. :D

   (though now that a google search for Logan Tom brings up lots of overproduced glamour shots that are gratuitously attempting to be sexy, instead of ye olde actual shots of her playing volleyball I am 95% less attracted to her)

   So are there any winter olympians this year more attractive than the delightful miss Madeleine Dupont?

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