Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Sunday Inanities IV


   My friend Laura invited my to join her friends on their apparently weekly expedition for delicious food. We went some place called Zauzau Chicken or something? It was delicious.
   Laura, or Luara, as I like to call her, perpetuating for all of eternity a typo made when I first encountered her, was a fellow writer with me for this small weekly humorous newsletter back in the 90s, and then on The Chosen Echidna, a humorous newsletter we spun off from that (both newsletters were yahoogroups with a weekly newsletter of whatever silliness we'd come up with). Laura now writes for Racket Magazine and thus far has resisted my constant urgings to join the dark side blogosphere.

   Was part of a surprise party for my dear friend Alex. Was fun. Damn her friends can cook.

   Saturday morning I went out for coffee with my friend Devon. She is an excellent individual.

   Saturday evening, beer tasting at Mark's. Everyone was instructed to bring two beers they'd never had before, or something they'd brewed themself. I brought two of the imperial stout I'd made and aged in the rum barrel, and the rum itself.
   Hadn't put labels on it before so I made labes that said "Diabolical Imperial Stout -- 'made with the irony of vikings'" and on the fly just wrote "Pure Distilled Awesome" on the rum ... which someone later pointed out spelled "PDA" which is kind of funny. Hey have some PDA! Too much PDA leads to PDA?
   Party had a dozen and a half to two dozen people, so it was a pretty good turn out.
   At one point the fellow playing bartender asked me what he should pour for everyone next. I surveyed the table and saw someone had brought a sour (lambic) beer. Immediately I began laughing like a supervillian, pointed at it ominously and declared "muahahahahaha you will all regret this!!"
   The expressions on people's faces as they tried to drink it was classic.
   Also had some Avery Samael's Ale that was totally delicious.

   In unrelated news, this radio commercial is utterly hilarious and I strongly recommend you listen to it. It is made of win.


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