Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Bees in a Jar!

   Earlier today I have just arrived back at the bee cave from checking on the hives at the new Bee Yard G*
   "You missed a weird call Kris!" says my boss, Dave, "someone wants me to put bees in a jar"
   "Some film crew. I said I'd do it for $150"
   "Bees in a jar?? WTF."
   "Yeah they're going to call back here in just a bit

   They do indeed call back in a few minutes. Dave's talking to them about it, they need the bees for something they're shooting tomorrow (I still don't know exactly). And I get to thinking.
   "Hey Dave, you should tell them if they want someone on hand to work with the bees I'll do it for [twice my current hourly rate]" ** I say when he gets off the phone.
   "You want to to do it? I think it'll be a good thing for you to do, I told them I'd do it for $150, why don't you do it and you take the $150" says Dave.
   So I'm about to get $150 for putting bees in a jar! And possibly working with the film crew tomorrow which should be fun.

   Am presently waiting for the guy to show up. Might not do anything until tomorrow.

* Bees are doing alright. There's a lot of pincer bugs in the hives (well by a lot I mean one or two in each of several hives), so I think I might look up these critters and see what their presence tells me about the environment. Things like this can tell you things about the moisture temperature or other factors which would be otherwise undetectable to humans. Forensic beekeeping if you will.
** I'm sort on an independant contractor here (well, am paid as one) so it's not weird for me to potentially fly off and work for something else, in fact I do all the time (usually for crazy adventures)

Tags: bee busters, beekeeping
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