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Intinerary March-April 2010

   But it's time for me to announce my itinerary for the next few months. The following is organized by dates of transit from one location or another.

March 11th - whirled arrives at LAX from her own adventures (Australia > New Zealand > Hawaii), we'll roam around Orange County, other nearby points of interest in So Cal, San Francisco, and Las Vegas in the following week.

March 19th - whirled and I fly to New York. Get to hang out with skitty and teaberryblue and cacophonesque! Shenanigans ensue?

March 24th - Angela flies off to London to continue the adventures, I find my way to Newport, Oregon, probably via Portland, OR. Am still not sure how I'm going to manage this bit. Probably try for craigslist rideshares from PDX and if not it's gonna be another wild bus adventure.

March 27th - I will hopefully be in Newport by now, because I'm supposed to be aboard the sailing ship Hawaiian Chieftain by this date.. and getting paid! (for those who missed it, I have a six month contract as the Education Coordinator for the Hawaiian Chieftain). Hopefully it won't take me three days to get to Newport though. Also, you know what ELSE is in Newport? ROGUE BREWERY :D :D

March 31st - Sail up to Garibaldi, Oregon. I know nothing about this place except it's named after a fish.

April 4-9 - Sailing from Garibaldi to Westport, OR ...

April 9-11 - Westport, Or - Another town I've been to before. Here we will probably be joined by our sister cousin vessel Lady Washington, which of course is the boat I was on last December.

April 12-14 - Sail to Port Angeles, WA. Olympic Peninsula FTW! I've been to Port Angeles before but only briefly.

April 20 - Sail to Sequim, WA.

April 22 - Sail to Port Townsend, WA, a strangely triangular place.

[strange gap between April 26 - 30ths]

April 30 - Seattle!

May 2nd - Sail to Anacortes, WA. I had some tasty chili here once I believe? And a good local brewed stout too I think.

May 4th - Sail from Anacortes to Bellingham, WA, next to a bay which at least looks picturesque in google satellite view. Scheduled to be here through the 16th of May.

Beyond this the schedule isn't posted yet, but I'm on the boat until Sept 30th.

See also the official sailing schedule, which is where I got everything above pertaining to once I'm on the boat.

Unrelated Picture of the Day (it's been awhile since we had one of these hasn't it)
Several jars of honey lit from the back
   It's not all researching earwigs and other obscure things at work, I also do stuff you'd expect a beekeeper to be doing! For example yesterday I ordered more honey jars, designed a new honey label for our company, and remelted the honey in a number of other honey jars because it was becoming partially crystallized (which doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the honey but some buyers get freaked out by things like that). Apparently our entire lot of clover honey has completely crystallized (the white opaque one here), which I think is actually pretty neat (they sell that shit for a premium some places as "spun honey".
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