Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

No Sight of Land

   I'm presently sitting on a curb outside a hotel lobby in the little fishing town of Westport, Washington. This is the best I could find for internet.

   One of the LJ Idol topics this week is "No sight of land." Incidentally, I may well spend the rest of the week with no sight of land. Or I may be able to see it on the horizon, but I certainly won't be on land again before the deadline.

   I'd make an entry here and now, but sitting on a curb in the cold in some obscure little town huddled over my laptop to make an entry just seems a bit like some sort of addiction that has gotten out of hand.

   Not that I've let that stop me from checking in with the world this way, but I'm not in any state to compose something brilliant about "no sight of land" here and now.

   If I have phone reception I'm going to make a phone post entry (someone else will obviously have to post the link back to it in the entry thread). So if you don't see a phone post by me by the deadline, it's ironically exactly because I AM in "no sight of land." I'll be too busy living the topic to be able to write about the topic.

   Also in that case presumably no one will have heard from me, so just consider, I may have been lost at sea! Exciting!

   Personally, I would much much much rather be voted out that simply sink suddenly beneath the waves by failing to post, so if I truly am out of range of phone service and can't make another post, if someone could be so kind as to post linking to this entry, I'd like to think that will allow me to be properly voted out and thus the internet valkyries will take me to idol valhalla.


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