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The Great Potatoe Rebellion

   I got around to putting all my pictures thus far up on picasa. Obviously there's a lot that could do with some explanation but.. well you'll just have to wait until I actually get around to putting them on flickr for that (or ask, or something).

The Great Potatoe Rebellion of Ought
   This is an interesting story, even though I wasn't on the boat for it. Apparently there is an area outside San Francisco Bay called "The Potatoe Patch" of extremely rough water. The boat wandered right into this on its way out of San Francisco two months ago or so.
   It's not unheard-of for waves to come over the front of the vessel, and quite common for the main deck to be awash. However, in this case waves crashed over the entire vessel to the point that at the con back on the quarterdeck they were waist deep in water! As mentioned this wave bashed the binnacle which holds the compass and knocked it completely out of alignment. At about the same time the smoke alarm went off in the forecastle.
   Rangi had been on the foredeck at the time, and there was much concern for his safety, but when the ship came clear of the wave it turns out he had clipped in moments before the wave hit.

   The smoke in the forecastle it turns out was because Knuckles' computer charger had been plugged in and water came down the hatch and fried it. It didn't cause any further damage than that though.

   But most significantly for the name, during the turmoil a large number of potatoes bounced out of the pantry, through the forecastle, and out other companionways. This in the middle of "the potatoepatch."

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