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LJ Idol - Season 6 - Elimination

   Well I've been eliminated from Season 6 of LJ Idol. I think the circumstances of my elimination are rather representative of my experience this season, namely, I wasn't there. I was informed of my elimination via texts from several of my friends who are in the game, much as I found out about most of the prompts, and it would be several days before I got a chance to get online and actually see the announcement for myself. For most of this season I've had barely any internet access.

   This season I've made my LJ Idol submissions from Istanbul, the Sinai desert, Cairo, New York City, Orange County, Astoria WA, Aberdeen WA, Garibaldi WA, Port Angeles WA, Sequim WA, and Friday Harbour WA. Often it was the only half hour I was online the entire week.
   The entry I got eliminated on, fittingly called "the Fall," I wrote under less than ideal circumstances late late one night.

   My only regret is that I have had time to read hardly anyone's entries for most of this season. Well that and that I had managed to "pimp" myself to get through this last vote. ;D But on the bright side now I won't have to stay up till 0300 on a night I have revielle at 0700 to write an entry, or shiver on a curb outside a hotel lobby in the middle of the night like some kind of crack addict just so I could leech their precious precious intertrons.

And a Wise and Serious Confession
   So I have something to confess regarding wiseosiris. That's right... wait for it..... A number of people have seemed to find great amusement dropping hints that I'm Wiseosiris, leaving me smug knowing comments about one so wise and serious as myself or such. Well... here's the secret. I am not Wiseosiris. I have written exactly one guest post early on for wiseo and that is all.
   And because I wrote that guest post I got to spend precious minutes of my internet time in that little hut of an internet cafe in Sinai during the second week reading an email informing me that because I wrote that, I was banned from proceeding beyond the top ten this season. Well that didn't end up being relevant but it's a lesson I didn't know and I suppose potential contenders should know. And wasted several precious minutes of internet time.

   But yeah, I have heretofore not denied being Wiseo because I do believe the livejournal should not be associated with anyone, but seriously, it is not me and it is silly when you smugly imply you know it is.

   Anywhom I don't even have time to really compose a decent goodbye post here, which again, is kind of indicative of my whole internet situation here.

   You probably won't be seeing me in the home game, I probably won't be commenting to your entries, I'll be lucky if I have time to comment to comments to my own entries, but best of luck to everyone, I'll always be there in spirit, hopefully I'll see you all in Season VII, and so long and thanks for all the (cat)fish.

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