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   Hello all from Bellingham, Washington! Today is my second day off! I've been on the boat now for about 1.25 months (only 4.75 months to go! ): )

   Bellingham seems like a really nice place. Reminds me a lot of Davis actually. Lots of cute coffeeshops and things downtown, with bulletin boards packed with flyers about all kinds of events -- definitely a lot of culture here.

   And the weather is finally nice -- it hasn't rained since we got here AND it's finally been warm enough to wear t-shirts (without five layers over them!)

   We have plenty of crewmembers right now, I think 13, but in the next week or so we happen to be losing all our volunteer deckhands, which would reduce the crew to something ridiculous like 7 or 8. Clearly it's time to break out the press gangs and shanghai some people!!

   Knuckles the cook (and his brother Fingers) have left, but the new cook Lance (aka Sir Cooksalot) has been doing a really good job so far ... that is until he came down with "boat plague" on his third day. Any sickness is termed "boat plague" because it tends to sweep through the entire boat. Fortunately I am largely immune to sickness ... probably because my heart is black and beats not blood but a thick fluid of pure coldness, causing germs to run from me in utter terror. (:O

Picture of the Day

Sarah Baker (my predecessor in this position, joining us here in Bellingham because she's a Bellinghamster herself) using the sextant on the bridge of the Lady Washington

See also: other pictures I uploaded the other day.

Upcoming itinerary

Tags: bellingham wa, fingers, hawaiian chieftain 2010, knuckles, sarah b
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