Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
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Boat's Birthday

   I'm in the galleyhouse washing the dishes from lunch, through the window in front of me I can see the skyscrapers of Seattle across the sound, the boat rocking gently side to side, when over my the music I have going on the galley sound system I hear some moaning and groaning from elsewhere in the ship. "That sounds like zombies!!" I say to myself, grabbing the rolling pin I just cleaned and stepping out.

   Sure enough Sabrina, our newest volunteer (a trapeze artist from Canada!?) is stumbling up the steps out of the main hold. I promptly pretend to whale on her with the rolling pin until she's pretend out of commission. I then turn my attention to Pony, who has emerged from the other companionway. As long as all the zombies are belowdecks I have them in kind of a chokepoint since both companionways come up pretty close together and with the rollingpin I can take them out one by one by killing the zombie emerging from one companionway and then the other. Nevertheless the push me around the side of the galleyhouse. I'm just bashing the brains out of the last one one, and someone in the background is saying "I think Kris just single handedly stopped this zombie uprising!" when Noah grabs me through the galley window. I'd forgotten I was standing next to an open window!

   We do love our zombie drills.

   Saturday was our boat's 22nd birthday. After we finished our workday we made hawaiian punch with a gallon and a half of rum in it, put on some Hawaiian music (we played IZ - Over the Rainbow on loop for a long time with the specific intent of annoying the Lady crew :D ), rigged up hammocks, and those who had them donned hawaiian shirts. Since we're getting close to the longest day of the year now the sunset lasted for about two hours of beautiful pink sky. It was a wonderful evening.
   And meanwhile the crew on the Lady was still working -- they had an evening charter that kept them out till 9pm, by which point our crewmate Will was already passed out!

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