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08 of 30 - Photos

   This will be ultra fast because I have revielle in 7 jingles at four bells 7 minutes at 1000. Been in Gig Harbour, a cute little place. Had battle sails 6-9pm both days here so they were 14 and 12 hour days, so been busy.
   Crew is now up to 15 or so, seems really crowded after so long with 9. We had a bunch of visiting crew the other day so sailed with 19 crew!

   The other day three of us took the small boat (rubber raft) across the little bay here to the bar (which had its own dock). It was a fun way to get to the bar, weaving between all the sailing boats here.

Picture of the Day

Kelly & Sabrina

Been taking a lot of pictures and got a lot of them posted, especially of my shipmates, so check it out (:

   And now it's time for me to run back to the boat! We're off to Olympia today
Tags: hawaiian chieftain, hawaiian chieftain 2010, kelly s, maple syrup

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