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Bourbon County Stout -- a Soliloquy

AJ: don't know how you drink that stuff.

bleghk. smells foul.

Me: how I drink beer? well I don't drink shitty beer. mmmmm my favourite beer

is thick as tar
black as my heart
oh it tastes like the starry night with a storm coming in
clouds fleeting across the sky and occasional sheets of refreshing rain
it tastes like the smell of the rained on earth

Aj: i hate it when my dad talks to me after having a beer... eughk. he smells so foul.

Me: it stares at you like the eye of an all knowing grizzly bear. If the eye was black as night and showed only your reflection.
a bear that's looking you in the eye with a grin and you know you understand eachother

Aj: how very poetic... lol. still think its foul.

Me: haha okay
it doesn't smell like that nasty piss water most people try to pass for beer
it smells like hot tar if hot tar was cold as the night!
and somehow smelled good


Man what I'd give for a bourbon county stout right now!!

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