Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Welcome to Aberdeen! ... technical difficulties

   My writing is as little impaired right now because I have a bee perched on my right hand pointer finger. It's raining outside and I found her utterly soaked on the deck. Big drops of water on her wings. I actually towelled her off a bit by dabbing at her with the corner of a paper towel.

   So we're back in Aberdeen Washington, AKA Aberdoom, AKA Methlaberdeen. It is a dreary place, which was known at "the hellhole of the pacific" in 1900 and has only become more depressed since then. I mentioned this once before, but what I think I didn't mention at the time is that the river Aberdeen us on ("shewhalish" or something) actually means "stink of death" in the local indian language..

   Our organization's headquarters is here --the bee has taken flight!-- .. so you'd think we'd have some good infrastructure here right? Nope. The dock we've always used here (but our organization has never owned) was recently sold to Walmart. There are no shore heads, is no fresh water hookup, no power hookup, no sewage pumpout.. there is NOTHING here in the way of infrastructure. I don't know how the Lady Washington laid up here for three months this winter!

   Being as there's no power, our cook went over to the org's headquarters building (about a ten minute drive away) and then the crew was shuttled there. I have galley duty / boatwatch today. The good news is I guess I don't have to clean up dinner. The bad news is I have to stay behind on the boat. I certainly hope someone brings me some food ): (Presently I am the only one on the boat as they've all gone to eat)

   They've finally got a welder for to repai the port bilge / coolant tank. Unfortunately it's under my bunk so my bunk has been deconstructed. The good news is I get my own room, optimistically called "the library" -- the bad news is said room is really more of a hallway connecting no less than six highly trafficked doorways. So I'm kind of homeless at the moment d:

   The welder still dislocated his shoulder trying to get into the bilge.. AND the coolant tank in the OTHER bilge started leaking today!!

   In other news with no power I can't run my laptop, and on any account the lower third of the screen has been displaying garbled stripes of pixels. This might make short work of my participation in LJ Shootout this season d:

Tags: aberdeen wa, hawaiian chieftain, hawaiian chieftain 2010
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