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Commercials I Hate

   There are many commercials that I hate. When they come on, I fervently wish to myself that I could suddenly appear on the set the moment they are filming that scene and tazer everyone involved. I would then find the corporate board that approved the commercial and tazer them as well.

   In particularly, there are several commercials that for some reason think its appealing to portray their product or organization as smarmy, smart-alecky, self important littly bastards. Two really good examples come to mind:
   Chad the Wireless Guy, AKA some wireless service I can't rememember. Despite having seen the commercial numerous times and been filled with loathing, I can't for the life of me remember which one it was (okay I looked it up to get the image, its Alltell). That unmemorableness right there is failure as a commercial. But anyway, its the commercial where this jackass blonde guy with a goofy face always embarresses a bunch of dweebish representatives of the other companies. But whenever I watch it I just get the overpowering feeling of "HE IS SUCH A JACKASS."

Dear Chad the Wireless Guy: You are a jackass, I hate you.

   Apple Computer Commercials do the same thing. You know those ones where they anthropomorphize a macintosh and PC computer as people. And the PC is getting a webcam taped to his head and the Apple guy is acting like a smarmy little bitch and being all, "oh, heh, thats funny Mr PC, I have a camera built-in already!" Well whup tee doo I guess you're perfect for myspace, but you're too socially inept to be compatable with any other computers in the real world, how accurate!!

   These and commercials like them do not make me at all want to buy their product or service. Rather they give me the impression that everything they stand for is jackassish and vile.

Apologies to my readers in Canada & New Zealand who may not have these commercials.. but you probably have other terribly smarmy commercials?
Tags: chad the wireless guy, commercials, television

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