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LJI Season VI Index, Installment II

   Continuing to make the Index to Season VI of LJ Idol. Installment II! --

Week 7: "One Touch" 2009-12-11
Entry: On Hold
Posted From: Astoria, OR
Type: Essay, on recent circumstances
Poll Outcome: 50 (25.6%), 5th in bracket, 9th overall
Notes: Update on life on the boat.

Week 8: "Reprobate" 2009-12-19
Entry: Zombieproof
Posted From: Aberdeen, WA
Type: Narrative, fiction
Poll Outcome: 60 (27.1%), 1st in bracket, 4th overall.
Notes: We having nothing to fear but fear itself...

Annual Christmas Party 2009-12-26
Entry: Green Red Room Holiday Party!
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA

Week 9: "Better Half" 2010-01-08
Entry: We're Supposed to Choose the Hipster?
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Essay, humorous
Poll Outcome: 46 (23.2%), 4th in bracket, 5th overall
Notes: on the Mac vs PC commercials.

Week 10: "Open Topic" 2010-01-16
Entry: To Boldly Go...
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Narrative, science fiction
Poll Outcome: Gatekeeper Round: passed
Notes: Being a "gatekeeper round," there was no poll.. so it probably didn't get read by as many people, which is a shame because it was another entry I was rather proud of.

Entry: The Return of Saturday Meta-BBQs! (or "10 Reasons I Should Be America's Next Top LJ Idol Gatekeeper")
Posted From: Mission Viejo
Type: Essay, meta-BBQ
Notes: Ten thoughts on writing for LJI

Week 11: "Run, Don't Walk"
Entry: Passed on making a submission this week

Week 12: "Apathy" 2010-01-29
Entry: Making Fire
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Essay
Poll Outcome: 43 (8.2%), no brackets, 14th overall
Notes: Girls, girls...

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Fleet Week.


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