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O Hai!

   So how has everyone been these past six months anyway?

    Anyone write any entries while I was gone that I should check out? (:

Unrelated Picture of the Day

Lady Washington at Fleet Week again.
Popquiz: looking at the position of the Lady's sails, what maneouver is it in the midst of?

   This weekend I worked on the brig Pilgrim in Dana Point helping unbend (ie untie) all the sails for winter. It was fun, a lot of climbing. I need a new marlinspike, thumbnails don't work great as marlinspikes.
   This upcoming weekend I'm sailing on the schooner Spirit of Dana Point from Santa Barbara to Dana Point.

   Last night I dreamt I was a WWI fighter pilot, you know zipping around in a biplane like the red baron. Its a pretty awesome dream if you ask me.

   Today I have to go to the doctor's office to pick up reports, then at 1000 I have a dental appointment, this all for the Peace Corps medical exam. Then at 12:30 I have an appointment at the temp agency to let them know I'm still alive.. then maybe I'll bring my laptop in to have this missing-third-of-the-screen thing looked into. ...Then maybe I'll hit a bookstore up and get the last four books in the Patrick O'Brian series as I finished #17 last night.


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