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LJ Idol Season 6 Index Installment III

   Continuing with making an index of last year's LJI entries...

Week 13: "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?" 2010-02-08
Entry: The Quest for a Drink
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Comic!
Poll Outcome: 50 (10.5%), 13th overall
Notes: Intersection with Zia-Narratora!

Meta: Declaration of the LJI Decathalon!!! 2010-02-13
Posted From: Mission Viejo
Notes: The totally unofficial not-official-at-all LJI Decathalon!!

Week 14: "Precognition" 2010-02-15
Entry: Jack Batelin, Private Eye
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Fiction, fan-fic, film noir
Poll Outcome: Contestant only write in vote -- PASS
Notes: Intersection with Jack Batelin!

Week 16: "Breaking the Fast" 2010-03-03
Entry: Breaking, Fast
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Narrative, fiction, other
Poll Outcome: 59 (14.9%), 4th overall
Notes: Written in the style of a text based adventure game

Week 17: "The Caged Bird" 2010-03-08
Entry: Jar O Bees!
Posted From: Mission Viejo, CA
Type: Narrative, nonfiction, recent personal story
Poll Outcome: 56 (15.0%), 5th overall
Notes: If you want bees in a jar, I am your man.

Week 18: "Adored" 2010-03-17
Entry: Flouting Adoration
Posted From: Las Vegas, NV
Type: Narrative, nonfiction, personal story
Poll Outcome: 41 (10.8%), 38th otherall
Notes: On my experiences in student government. One of my very worst poll showings, proof that people really don't give a crap about student government (:

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