Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Adventures on Craiglist

this is the picture on the craigslist ad ... clearly lacking a car"Debra Smith":
Dear Seller,
I saw your advert/posting of Car on, i will like to purchase the car, so before i can proceed in with the payment of the car i will like to know the present condition of the car. So Please get back to me immediately if we have a deal.
Best Regards.

You're responding to a posting regarding a ladder rack. Its present condition is excellent. Vehicle, however, is not included.

Please call us at (###) ###-#### if you are still interested...

"Debra Smith":
Thanks for the prompt reply,I want to purchase the car and make your payment today,please send me your information such as
[...] I will make your payment via Electronic Check(E-Check) ... [five more lines of bullshit about how her "e-check" will be in excess and I need to forward that amount to her "shipper"]

I just want to make sure you understand, the LADDER RACK does not come with several critical components of a "car" -- such as a chassis, axle, wheels, engine, etc etc.

Also, I hate to curb your enthusiam, but we can only accept payment by credit card. We cannot under any circumstances accept an "e-check." In fact, you might even say that, in our opinion, an "e-check" is less a legitimate form of payment than a LADDER RACK is a viable car (however, we still won't trade it for the e-check).

However, if you can pay by credit card, we would still love to sell the ladder rack to you.
Tags: craiglist, scams

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