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   Some people corporations mostly, think that the christmas season begins sometime on the evening of October 31st. Some people believe in the day after Thanksgiving, which is a lot more reasonable, but still kind of stepping on the previous holidays heels I feel.
   I believe the "christmas season" legally begins on the first of December. Among other things, around this time I don the hat you see in my icon and pretty much wear it all month.
   Sometimes I forget I'm wearing it until I notice people at the grocery store looking at me funny. Then I realize I don't really care if they think it's weird I'm wearing a santa hat.

   Its a nice warm hat. It's with some reluctance that I accept that I no longer have an excuse to wear it once christmas is past.

Movie Reviews!
   This weekend I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs The World at my friend Rob's place. I had never heard of this movie but it was pretty awesome. Its kind of a love story told in kind of the style of a videogame. Sort of. I liked the love interest a lot less than the girl he was dating at the beginning of the movie though. Said love interest never really did anything endearing or awesome or cute or otherwise meritious, whereas this Nives girl he was dating in the beginning is fairly adorable. So wtf Michael Cera? Anyway altogether I give the movie an A

   Then I saw Social Network with my parents. It was very interesting. Its interesting how a guy with basically dismal interpersonal skills managed to get the subtle social attributes right that rocketed facebook beyond other social networks to become a fundamental part of life. B+

Unrelated Picture of the Day
[There'd be a random picture here if I had a computer to download my pictures to]

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