Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

The Wrong Way to Eat a Bagel

Sometimes people's reluctance to "think outside the box" is rather surprising. I can think of several instances lately at work where guys showed disdain for things simply because they didn't fit with their conception of how things should be.

(1) In March I was working as a paralegal. Occasionally this would involve photocopying documents ALL DAY. I asked my immediate supervisor, Rob, if we could put a stool in the copying room. "We could..." he responded, "...but that would be lazy!" But its not lazy when people who are at their desk all day get to sit down? I don't get it.
(2) The other day I was eating a bagel with creamcheese from a nearby cafe. This guy James comes and looks at me like I'm totally insane and comments "I have NEVER seen someone eat a bagel like that!" I look at the bagel and try to see whats wrong. I ask him, and he says "both sides together like a sandwich like that.. NORMALLY people eat it in halves." Yeah well, this is the way the cafe gave it to me, if I was making it myself yeah I'd probably eat it half by half, but why would I disassemble the bagel to make it take longer to eat?
(3) The following day I was moving a pile of debris to a dumpster around the corner, so I went and got a dolly. "You're using a dolly??" this guy Todd said, looking at me like I was the laziest person he'd ever seen. "Well, its either two trips with this or eight trips with armfulls..." "I guessss" (he skeptically conceded).

And I think I had another I'm forgetting. Anyway, whats with everyone? Personally, _I_ always make sure there's not an obvious reason why someone's doing something before I make fun of them.

Anyway, tell me your stories of people trying to give you crap about things which totally made sense.

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