Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
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Bourne Ultimatum

   Yesterday & I saw the Bourne Ultimatum. Basically, I liked the movie...

   It was certainly action packed thats for sure! The very definition of "edge-of-your seat."
   I felt like it pushed implausibility a little more than the preceding Bourne movies however, and went slighty in more along a Hollywood action movie cliche oriented direction. For example, I was terrified they were going to make that CIA agent girl his ex-girlfriend from before he was brainwashed, and they still basically left that pretty strongly implied. I wouldn't have minded if they got together in the end, cliche as that would be, but making her his ex-girlfriend is just too much.
   Other serious plausibility problems included how the hell did Bourne, "the asset," and the girl keep track of eachother as they ran around inside, outside, and on top of buildings in Tangiers? That really pushed my willing suspension of disbelief. And then from Tangiers I feel like there was a sudden plot-wormhole and suddenly everyone is in New York and Bourne knows the blonde CIA woman?!
   Another thing I would have liked to have seen is more hints at how the other "assets" are just like Bourne. The guy not shooting him in the end was the lamest way they could have done it I think -- what I would have really liked to see is the other asset also tripping out as he ran through the hospital rooms where he too presumably got indoctrinated.
   Also, while its expected that the CIA goons would run around and get knocked off like stormtroopers, I think it would have been funny if towards the end some of them showed a little fear and acknowledged that they must have been aware that so far everyone else who went up against Bourne got turned into a human pretzel. I mean seriously, they had to have had a hundred agents hospitalized by the end -- there's no way agents would still be running at him thinking they were gonna be the one not to be turned into a pretzel.
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