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So as you may recall I've recently begun to FINALLY post more of the 600 or so pictures from Epic Trip 2009. Until recently I'd only posted about two dozen from that epic multi country (Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt) trip, but in the mean time I've had computer troubles and was out to sea for 7 months and then completely without a computer for several months...

A week or so ago I posted the pictures from Istanbul

This week I bring you Egypt's Sinai Peninsula!

What you see in the above slideshow is mainly the hike to the top of Mt Sinai. Preceded by this entry, live from Sinai! After the shot of the sun setting at the resort we were staying in, that very night at 10pm we set out for Mt Sinai. The fortress looking thing after that is the monastery at the base of the mountain. For other comments on specific pictures, see them on flickr! (:
I might start adding pictures from the next location, Luxor, Egypt, which will automatically insert themselves into the end of the above slideshow.

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