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Continuing with (finally!) posting the pictures from Epic Adventure 2009, I bring you PETRA, JORDAN (which you may recognize from Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail), AND SOME OTHER STUFF (such as the lush, exotic and exciting landscape of JORDAN!) ... and a PICKELHAUBE!... and the ship you see displayed below because its the first slide:

We crossed the Sea of Eilat to get from Sinai to Jordan, then took a bus for several hours to Petra ... and then the same in reverse. On the subject of the Sea of Eilat, during Epic Adventure 2009 I visited the Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, Sea of Eilat, and the Red Sea (damn one short of seven seas!).

I started coming down with a bad cold on the return from Jordan and as luck would have it they had a more thorough health inspection coming in to Egypt than I'd ever seen at a border crossing -- they actually had a doctor on hand looking in people's ears with his flashlight and making you go ahhh and things. I felt like I was smuggling myself through trying to pretend to be entirely healthy.

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