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Sen Craig

So I was listening to NPR today, and they were talking about Senator Craig (who, in case you live under a rock, was recently arrested for illiciting sex in an airport restroom). NPR was taking a gay rights angle on the story and was reading an essay by some guy about how despite Sen. Craig's deplorable voting record on gay rights, we should respect the fact that it must be hard for him to live with such homophobia and all this ruckus is all homophobia and such and ...

man I just wanted to state my disagreement: it would be filthy for anyone to be soliciting sex with random strangers in bathrooms (assume for a moment one could solicit people of the opposite gender in a bathroom). Its filthy and should be discouraged as it endangers the health of those who practice it. Furthermore, as the vast majority of people want to be able to use a bathroom without being solicited for sex, I wholly approve of this being discouraged by arresting and charging people caught doing so.

I knew NPR was "progressive," but really, I think taking a pro-Craig stance on this was just ridiculous.

Here's a fitting picture of the day:


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