Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Doin Too Much

   On January 1st, 2012, President Goodluck Johnson removed a fuel subsidy, thusly doubling the price of gasoline in Nigeria. This affected my life more than one would think.
   On January 20th I quit my job and went up to Oregon to interview for a new job, and came back home to Orange County, California, just days before I was supposed to ship out to Nigeria to teach beekeeping.
   In the mean time, a protest movement called --I kid thee not-- "Occupy Nigeria" has sprung up in Nigeria to protest the removal of gas subsidies. Two weeks prior to my departure there were no flights into Nigeria, because the protest strike included, among other things, the airport. Fortunately that cleared up.
   But then terrorists have been blowing things up in Nigeria as well and the State Department issued a new travel advisory for Nigeria listing ten provinces one should avoid unless travel there is absolutely necessary. Fortunately my destination (Ibadan in Oyo province) wasn't on the list, but it made me feel like I'll be dodging about on a checkerboard of no-go zones.

   And then about TWO DAYS before my scheduled departure, I was informed that the aid organization that was sending me "could not in good conscience" send me to Nigeria due to current unrest there. Boo.

   So I hung around at home for a day or two waiting to hear back from the job and about Nigeria, and also for acceptance letters from the California Maritime Academy which go out this month. And then I decided, sitting around at home waiting for things sucks; if you need me, I'll be sailing! The sailing vessel I'd spent 7 months on in 2010 happened to be in the nearby city of Oxnard (what a name for a place, really!), and about to sail up to Oakland, which coincidentally is the only leg of the West Coast I haven't sailed yet.

   So I got on the boats, we had a number of day sails and then Sunday evening we left Oxnard, set to come in to Oakland Wed-Thurs. And then... the aid organization called me back and said they want to send me to Nigeria that Saturday. So I'm going to have to immediately get on a train when we come in to Oakland and book it down south to catch my plane to Nigeria!

   All this is really to say that I have too much going on in my life to look up any current events that don't directly effect me and write an entry about them. Even to the point where I know I'll be busy every minute of tomorrow (Sunday) until we set sail and then I won't be at all capable of posting an entry, so I'm having to post it now, two days before due, because it's my only chance. (But on the bright side I'm currently sitting in a beautiful aft cabin like you'd see on a pirate ship in a movie.)

   So really what I'm saying is this is probably goodbye for the season. I'm posting this as an official submission because I don't believe you go to writer Valhalla if you bow out without getting voted out. But I hope you tune in when I come back from Nigeria because I will doubtless have some interesting things to write and pictures to post.

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