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Photo Frenzy!!

   Last night I posted a heck of a lot of pictures to flickr.

   In addition to finally completing the set from last trip to Nigeria I created no less than six new sets of pictures: Amsterdam (where I spent about 24 hours on the way back), In Flight (I had some really good views of neat canyons and things in Nevada as a flew over), Food (two new pictures and then I moved a bunch of pictures I already had up of delicious food into the set), Hearst Castle (Which Kori and I visited on our recent little jaunt up the coast), Bee Factory (& some from the research facility. I can almost guarantee you've never seen the inside of a "bee factory!"), and finally Package Shaking wherein we take those packages of bees and shake them out into hives as the sun sets picturesquely behind us.

   But our main event right now is the completed Nigeria set, which you can see here:

   Less than 24 hours left now till I board a plane to return!!

Tags: adventures, africa, photography, travel
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