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American Spam in Nigeria

I think now that I'm in Nigeria I'm getting scam emails FROM AMERICA! See the following email I had in my inbox this afternoon:

Dear Kris,

My name Phil Kefauver – Senior Recruitment Associate at YourEncore, Inc. I am contacting you because1 one of our Clients2 is seeking a consultant who is experienced in the areas of honey manufacturing / production, marketing, health (safety & regulatory) and who has business insight and basic technical knowledge.

YourEncore is an expert technical services provider that recruits and manages an extensive network of scientists, engineers and product developers. Our network is open for anyone to join at no cost to them. YourEncore then matches our Experts3 with consultations and part-time project assignments from our Client3 Companies3 according to their skills and expertise. We have about 50 Client Companies most of whom are Fortune 500 companies. I would also suggest you visit the YourEncore website at to obtain more details of our Company. Included in the website are FAQs that provide specific details of how we operate.

I hope that this opportunity sounds appealing to you and that you would like to work through YourEncore to work on this assignment. If you do, please respond back to this email with a copy of your resume’, at and let me know. I can then share more details about how to enroll with YourEncore and provide you with our Confidential Information Agreement so that we can share more information about this assignment.4

If you could recommend someone, that would also be most helpful.

Phil Kefauver
Senior Recruitment Associate
YourEncore, Inc.
10925 Reed Hartman Hwy, Suite 114
Cincinnati, OH 45242

   Though suspiciously NOT from Nigeria, it exhibits several classic signs of spam such as:

1 The classic "My name is X, I am Y, I am contacting you because Z" format all Nigerian spam emails start with
2 Suspiciously unnamed "Clients"
3 Overuse of Capitalization.
4 Fishing for me to respond back about an extremely vague offer.

   The email from header says "Herb Young" at "," the mismatching name of which is the biggest smoking gun it's not actually a Philip Kefauver. But I checked briefly earlier when my internet was up (internet is presently down) and Yourencore does appear to be a real site and the email he wants me to respond to is in that domain name. And again I can't double-check right now but I don't THINK I had listed "honey manufacturing / production, marketing, health (safety & regulatory)" as areas I was knowledgeable in on linkedin (after all, I what do I know about health?).

Poll #1832925

So what do you think?

(A) Americans are sending spam to Nigeria
(B) Nigerians have learned to sound a lot more like Americans
(C) It's a real email and Phil "Herb Young" Kefauver just really sucks at not sounding like he's a spammer?

Unrelated Picture of the Day

And here's some stuff that got confiscated by customs in Atlanta and is now proudly on display there! No new pictures today, I forgot my camera battery charger and second camera battery, and even though I bought a new charger (for $45!) for some reason apparently it wasn't charging my one battery last night or something. And there were so many thatched huts today!! ::weeps::
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