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Nigeria II - Day 4

Wednesday - Today we drove out to the training site, which was about two hours away. There were many adorable thatched huts along the way AND MY CAMERA WASN'T WORKING!!
   I'm really kind of baffled -- last night it was NOT out of battery but I decided to charge it, since I don't have a spare I can't risk running out of battery. So I charged it. And I didn't look at the battery status when I pulled it out of the charger but when I tried to use my camera for the first time today it informed me the battery was completely dead. It hadn't even been dead when I put it in the charger!! O:
   So no pictures today ::weeps::

   Anyway the YMCA training site teaches all different kinds of agriculture. They have several beehives but only one bee suit, no smoker, and no gloves. It's hard to imagine how they get by working their hives with that, much less teach anyone when they only have a single bee suit!!
   It kind of reminded me of the apiary unit at the college I visited last time. In theory they are to teach beekeeping but they're just.. obviously not trying very hard. You don't need me to show up to teach you how to make a bee suit and smoker. I mean, I don't even know how to manufacture those myself but I know if I tell someone with garment making skills to use mosquito netting and whatever clothing materials are available to make a bee suit they can do it, and your tin-smith or blacksmith can make you a smoker.
   I think that might be a major goal of this project though, to teach the trainees how to either make the necessary equipment themselves or to get it made for them. Having the right equipment after all is as important as anything else I can teach them.

   Maybe I was spoiled by the other two hotels I've stayed in in Nigeria, but this one seems kind of crappy to me. My AC didn't work in the room I was in last night, and in the one I've been moved to it only works sporadically. I had to call reception twice because my door lock either wouldn't open or wouldn't lock. Shower doesn't have any hot water, not that I terribly miss it around here. Oh and the refridgerator kept making a banging noise every 45 minutes last night till I unplugged it. And they have a serious no outside food or drink policy?! Aaaand my internet just went out again. Guess they don't want me complaining ;)

   I think this project is going to be good though. Okay time for bed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures again!!

Unrelated Picture of the Other Day

They have ZIPLINES in public parks in Nigeria. FOR KIDS. WHY DON'T WE HAVE THESE???? Okay I know why but still. Stupid litigious society...

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