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Battle of the Smartphones

   So I don't very well keep up with the latest in modern technology. Especially things like smart phones, of which new models seem to be coming out constantly.
   I had an android for work for awhile though and quickly became addicted to neurotically checking my email every five minutes.
   But I need a new phone anyway, my ancient artifact of a "dumb phone" seems to have speaker problems wherein I can barely hear anyone ever, and I suspect with a smart phone I might be able to download and play audiobooks off it or something -- visiting the library once a week is delightfully antiquated and all but it would be more convenient not to have to.
   And moreover, my parents have said they'd like to get me a smart phone for my recent birthday.

   In an attempt to figure out out what kind of phone to get I employed my favourite way of getting answers: posted the question as a facebook status.
   Unfortunately I still got a blizzard of different answers.
   To narrow it down then, I'm going to poll you fine technically savvy folks!

   I don't necessarily need the latest and greatest. Keeping in mind that I'd like the phone to last, I don't know, 2-3 years, and it'll inevitably be "not the latest and greatest" for 95% of that time, I'd rather go for the most cost effective option for reasonable value over the 2-3 year life of the phone. You follow?

Also my current carrier is AT&T

Poll #1843494 What smart phone should I get?

What smartphone should I get?

galaxy s3
nokia lumia

   See also, I know so little about these things it's probably comical. I'm assuming the gs2 someone mentioned is a "galaxy s2?"

And here's a picture of the recent solar eclipse as seen through the lenses of a sextant!
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