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HMS Bounty

   The tallship HMS Bounty has been lost at sea off North Carolina in the midst of Hurricane Sandy.

   This as of within the hour I believe. So details are still filtering in and sketchy.

   As far as I can gather 14 crewmembers have been rescued from liferafts, and the Coast Guard is still searching for two more who are in the water.

   I have 2 or 3 personal friends on the crew of the Bounty, and even the crewmembers I don't know personally, you know we're a close community, and I'm concerned about their safety as if they were all my friends. And also, of course, I've lived the life they live aboardship, so it's all so very very very close to home.

   I'm just about literally worried sick about the two still in the water. Keep reloading newsfeeds. I ought to go to bed but how can I go to bed while two of the crewmembers are still IN THE SEA? ): ): ): ):

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