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Roadtrip Day 3

(previously: Day 2)

Roadtrip Day 3 - Tuesday, Oct 2nd - Map

   In the morning we poked around the seaside town of Newcastle a bit. It looked like a cute little port town. Just across the cove from down town there was a lot of heavy industry stuff -- looks like its a transhipment point for mined materials to be loaded on to freighters.

   After breakfast in a cute cafe in Newcastle we began the trek north again. From here the trip would be entirely up the coast, and though the Pacific Coast Highway follows the coast up, we agreed our goal was to take other routes as much as possible.

   Almost immediately out of Newcastle we took a 40k (round trip) detour to the end of a peninsula. At the end of this was the little town of Nelson Bay, at which the above photo was taken. The water was amazingly clear and beautiful there.

   A little bit further north we were able to take a scenic detour for a bit on a smaller road that went among the lagoons and brackish lakes of the coastline. There were many beautiful spots long this route, and a whole bunch of signs about an upcoming triathalon as well -- which made me think of my dear father and how I need to find a triatholon or marathon in order to tempt him into visiting. Unfortunately this particular triatholon was only a week or so away. Would be a beautiful place to do one though.

   We aimed to get to Port Macquarie for the sunset and I think we made it, except for one problem -- here on Australia's East Coast the sun rises over the sea and sets behind the land (the opposite of everything that is right and natural!!), so it disappeared behind some mountains without much excitement. Port Macquarie seemed cute, though we didn't stay there very long. Had a nice little boardwalk along the coastal bluffs (see photo below).

   From there we still had a fair bit of driving, but with light fading and not many options off the main highway, we just kind of cruised on up to Coffs Harbour (several hours north). Looking at a brochure of sights to see in and around Coffs Harbour I saw that apparently the "Big Banana" was Coff Harbours claim to fame, but that would have to wait till morning!
   There was also a hotel called "the Big Banana Inn" or something, in which I would assume one would have to be surprised if male strippers DIDN'T burst into your room at night and start lewdly dancing!


And here's the boardwalk at Port MacQuarie!

( More pictures from this day! )
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