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Picture of the Day!

Sunset as seen from town here.

   Today was an interesting day because there was thunder and lightning all day but never any rain. Fields were all muddy though so I got a lot of practice with four wheel drive.
   Spent much of the afternoon out working on a trailer in the middle of a wide open pumpkin field with rain squalls seeming to be moving all around me but never actually hitting me.
   This evening I walked to "the Kiosk" to talk to the grandfatherly figure there about cameras, as we'd discussed yesterday, but he had left before I got there. Had a burger while I was there and it was quite good. Walked back. Took some pictures on both the way there and back.

   Got home and immediately developed a minor headache -- it was uncomfortably hot in there, the rice cooker was on and making a high pitched squeeling noise (is it supposed to do that?) and as usual it smelled bad and Sam was listening to some indian tv show or something. Scooped up my laptop and proceeded to the beach.
   There was still a fair bit of lightning illuminating the sky to the north, and the temperature was quite pleasant. Sat on the grass on the edge of the beach (I have no intention of my laptop and beach sand getting acquainted!) for most of the evening, until the battery was about dead. It was quite pleasant.
   Came home and tried to google housing in Moore Park but its a residential community and there don't appear to be any rooms to let. Guess I'm going to have to save up my pennies until I have $235,000* for a house here.

* is a number I vaguely think I saw on a sign but I might be trippin out.

( Other pictures from today's little stroll through town )
I wish I could make it display them in non-reverse chronological order. d:
Tags: australia

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