Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Picture of the Day and Daily Report

THIS is downtown Moorepark. Yep. The big city, this is.

   Today was kind of a downer. Still working with Greg, his mood was much better than yesterday, but he's still finding fault with everything I do, and you know, that's kind of draining to be around day in and day out.

   And Trevor, the bossman, had placed a replacement taillight in the back of my truck for me to have the mechanic put on when he got a chance (the former one was smashed when I was rear ended on Saturday). Today I discovered it is no longer in the back of the ute.
   Nothing else of that size (or any size) has bounced out of the back of the truck. ): He was surprisingly cool about me getting rear ended my first week on the job, but I feel like losing the replacement taillight has gotta be seen as a fuckup. ): So that's been weighing on me today as well.

   On the bright side, in an hour it's thanksgiving! Not that the celebrate it here or eat turkey (even though they have so many "bush turkeys" they're considered a huge pest?).
Tags: life in moorepark, picture of the day, pictures

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