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Maybe Moving Again

Today I found out my rent is $100 a week. Which is more than fair I suppose, since I thought it was a free perk of employment based on his initial comment "or I could pay you hourly and make up the difference by gouging you on rent," and I did subsequently get changed from fixed to hourly pay (which resulted in a about 25% raise), and $100 a week is hardly gouging (housing really doesn't get better than that here) (for those of you like me when I got here who can only think of rent in terms of monthly, that's $429/month) (see also: remember that one time my other employer wanted to charge me $150 per week to sleep on a cot on the veranda??).

Though you know I love the proximity the the beach, this place itself is kind of a shit-hole and my roommate is a huge slob (and raging alcoholic). And even though I get along great with my boss it kinda freaks me out having my boss as a landlord -- for example he made a sudden inspection of our place the other day, who the hell wants their boss suddenly showing up on their front door to potentially complain about your housekeeping habits??? That sounds like some kind of nightmare doesn't it? And on top of that, he did complain to Sam about his dismal housekeeping habits I guess, about put the fear of god in him it seems, BUT since I hadn't complained about it, and he says Trevor had never come by to inspect before and htus has no point of comparison as to before and after I got here, what if his view of my job performance is now coloured by the fact that my roommate piles up dirty dishes in the sink??

So to find out I AM in fact paying rent on this place makes it a much easier decision to seek somewhere else to live. There was a sign on a bulletin board in the servo (ie gas station) advertising rooms for rent for $120 a week that I was already thinking about, but then I think to myself, that's $6360 in a year! One can do a lot with $6360!

So I called the number on that posting, and the rooms are "in town," ie bundaberg. I'm not sure how I feel about that -- it's certainly an easy commute from there to here (like 20 km, and most of our farms are in between.), but I'm starting to like this little town, and especially the beach right around the corner.

I suppose I'll take a look at the place this Sunday and if it's awesome or awful that will make it an easy decision.
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