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Telstra (?) Technical Problems Part IV

Presumably the above is an image of a broken bridge. I don't know, I can't see it. I had to go into the source coding of the flickr page it should have appeared on to get the URL.

Five days ago I went to load up a page of flickr full of little thumbnails and after a few loaded the rest borked out and Telstra informed me that I was out of data. Hijinks ensued because, though the main Telstra pages still load even when you're out of data, the RECHARGE page wouldn't load, which I found extremely inconvenient. But their live chat function did so first I talked to a thoroughly unhelpful little gremlin named Mario, but then got transferred to a spectacularly helpful person named Scarlette who was a pleasure to talk to and very willing to think outside the box to come up with solutions to my problems -- the recharge page not loading turned out to be the least of them -- apparently Telstra has flagged BOTH my US and Australian credit cards as involved in fraudulent activity and even if I get the banks to confirm nothing fishy is afoot it would still take Telstra a month to unflag them! But Scarlette magicked me enough random bonus credit to get to my bank's website from where I could purchase a telstra recharge voucher from my bank and thus Telstra could go on avoiding looking my cards in the eye. d:

And so I was back in business. ...except for one thing. That flickr page never DID load. And ever since then, about 80% of all recent images from flickr have not been loading. At first I thought it was a problem that would sort itself out either between Telstra realizing that I have data now or maybe flickr was having a problem. But now it's five days later, I'd like to be able to use flickr but it's next to impossible when it won't show me most things I upload there. I doubt it's on flickr's end of things, but we can check that real easily: can you see this image??

My hypothesis, given that it's basically just not delivering to me data from the same origin (specifically, several of the subdirectories of as the data it refused to send me when my account ran out of data credit, is that there's some stop order in the telstra system which never got cleared. That hypothesis seems a bit out there to me but its all I can think of given that it doesn't seem like a problem on flickr's end.

I just dealt with another of the thoroughly unhelpful variety of people from Telstra live help chat. He first suggested I unplug the broadband device, but changed his mind when I reminded him that that would, obviously, end our chat. The conversation also included such gems as:
Jayzel: The Flickr website is not from Telstra.
Kris: yes
Kris: but basically Telstra's delivery of data from flickr continues to seem to be frozen in the condition it was when I was out of data
Jayzel: The internet connection would be supplied by Telstra.
Kris: yes
   Thank you captain obvious. Clearly from my mention of "Telstra's delivery of data" I was thinking it all came courtesy of Keloggs. He also helpfully noted that I am currently not out of data.

   Anyway, I am not really a terribly great necromancer of the dark magicks of internet voodoo and computer sorcery, but I know some of you are, so any suggestions????
Tags: technical problems
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