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Fixed Problems and Broken Bridges

During my attempts to make images on flickr show up I randomly clicked back to page a hundred and something on my photostream (there's 4,768 pictures, 265 pages worth) and determined that all my old pictures, pretty much anything hosted on any of the other flickr servers (farms?) was showing up fine. And then I got to going through the pictures and reminiscing. And I came across one or two that I don't think I ever posted here that I thought were worth posting.

Pictured above is the Port Townsend longboat race. Longboat is, well, what you see a bunch of there. They can be either rowed or sailed. Myself and the other members of the Chieftain crew only got to watch for a few seconds before the captain, like cliche hard-nosed captain of olde, yelled at us to get back to work.

In other news, the problem I was having seems to have miraculously resolved itself. The washed out bridge picture is from where I had lunch the other day. The field out in Bucca is more than 20 ks from anywhere, so returning to civilization for lunch is out of the question, and there's no shade in the fields, so I drove a few minutes down the road and around the barrier and out to the middle of the washed out "Smith's Crossing" bridge. It was quite pleasant down there:

Yep that's the view from my break room :D

More pictures from a random lunch break
Tags: life in moorepark, pictures

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