July 9th, 2007


Day 6

Took our time getting out of DC this morning, I think we were all feeling a bit shitty from partying too hard the night before. Drove up to New York City. Driving up I noticed there were two sets of skyscapers on the horizon.

"WTF" says I. "Thats Jersey City" says someone else. Jersey City? I've never heard of it! And it looked almost as big as Manhattan. WTF.

Dropped off the others in Manhattan and went on up to visit my friend in Connecticut.

Day 7

Was driving back down to Manhattan from the middle of Connecticut when the others called me and said they wanted to spend another day there. Eff that. So I went up through Massachussettes and then through upstate New York to Rochester, NY, instead. Visited some relatives there. Checked out the sweet ass abandoned subway system in Rochester.

abandoned subway!